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New Tyres

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with everything they need to know.

The Tough Tyres On Morayfield  pride in offering professional services and advice to assist you with choosing the right tyres for your vehicle. we supply and sell both new & used tyres and we offer the cheapest new tyre prices in Morayfield and it's surrounding suburbs. It is very important for you to know how to maintain the tyres you purchase to ensure the effectiveness and safety of those tyres.

We sell leading tyre brands at low prices, every day. However, if one of our competitors has quoted a better price on any tyre brand we stocked, we’ll beat it. Simply call us on 07 5330 1061 or 0470 311 179.

Run flat tyres

With regular tyres, a puncture generally means you lose steering control. It also puts you in added danger while changing the tyre on the roadside. With run flat tyres,* if your tyre gets punctured, there’s no sudden deflation – meaning you can continue driving safely. This is because the tyre’s thicker sidewall is significantly reinforced and made from heat resistant rubber.

Run flat tyres can safely carry the weight of your car for a short period, despite a total loss of air pressure.

New & Used Wheels


We stock new  Alloy & Steel Rims such as TUFF A.T, KING WHEELS, , INFINITY WHEELS, PDW, OX WHEEL, ASSANTI WHEEL, ADVANTY, SUNRISES, & etc... ranging from all sizes and shapes to suit most road vehicles.

All our alloy and steel rims include 6 months warranty, fitting and balancing. Our professional staff can provide assistance on wheel selection and recommendations for the best price when choosing a set of alloy wheels.


We stock variety of used Mag wheels, Steel rims and We can assure our customers that our service and prices are unbeatable

Used Tyres

We can assure our customers that  ALL of our used tyres are 75%+ unused and in good condition and they're all come from our WRECKING YARD.  We also have tyres for 4WD and light trucks/commercial. Our price is include fitting and balancing on all used tyres. Simply call us on 07 5330 1061or 0470 311 179.

Puncture Repairs

Repairing or changing a flat tyre can be dangerous and should be handled by specially trained personnel. If the damage is minor, it can usually be repaired.

When the sidewall or shoulder of the tyre is damaged, or if the puncture exceeds one-quarter-inch diameter, the tyre will need to be replaced.

Wheel Balancing

"Unbalanced wheels can cause your tyres to wear prematurely"

Correct wheel balance on your car is very important. Unbalanced wheels can cause your tyres to wear prematurely, as well as causing accelerated wear of your shock absorbers , struts and steering components. All this can seriously affect your car's overall performance as well as potentially increasing the cost of wheel balancing.

How does wheel balancing work?

Our expert technicians can ensure the weight of your wheels is distributed evenly to ensure balancing of wheels that provides you with a smooth ride and reduce the chances of early tyre wear.

The warning signs

If a wheel is out of balance, it will cause a vibration at high speeds that can be felt in the steering wheel and/or the seat. If the alignment is out, it can cause excessive tyre wear and steering or tracking problems.

Standard computer wheel balancing

A wheel balance makes sure that the wheel and tyre weight is evenly distributed. We do this by spinning the wheel on a balancing machine that diagnoses whether or not the wheel is out of balance. If the wheel is out of balance, small weights are added to ensure even weight distribution and a smooth and consistent rotation of the tyre. The standard wheel balancing includes a cone setup to fix the wheel to the balancing machine.

Wheel Alignment

Unaligned wheels can cause premature tyre and suspension wear.

If your vehicle's wheels are not aligned correctly, they could be causing premature wear on your tyres and suspension components. This will cause problems with your vehicle's handling, performance and the overall safety of the vehicle. Simple things like bumping into a kerb or driving over a pothole can throw your wheel alignment out of place. It's important to get this fixed quickly before it leads to larger problems.

How does a wheel alignment work?

Wheel alignment describes the measurement, analysis and adjustment of your vehicle's steering and suspension angles to ensure the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Wheel alignment is often confused with wheel balancing. The two really have nothing to do with each other except that they both affect ride and handling. Our expert technicians have been carefully trained in the practice of wheel alignment and use the latest, state-of-the-art vehicle alignment equipment.

When to get a wheel alignment?

If your vehicle's wheels are misaligned, you could notice a slight steering wheel shimmy where the vehicle feels as if it's pulling to one side. Your tyres may squeal when turning and you could experience poor steering control. Even if your car appears to be running well, we recommend having your wheel alignment checked every 65,000km for maximum tyre life.

Standard wheel alignment

Our expert technicians can offer you a two and four-wheel alignment service (dependent on your vehicle requirement) that is fast, efficient. 

Call us today on 07 5330 1061 or 0470 311 179 to book your car in for a wheel alignment so that you can make the most out of your tyres.

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